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For Ckay1 (born Christchankeith Marshall), whether or not to pursue music was never an option. His unbridled love for music of all genres emerged at a very young age and would prove to be the soundtrack to his life and all of his future endeavors.

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Christchankeith “Ckay1” Marshall began his acting and music career at an early age. By the age of 14, he had become a familiar face throughout the acting and music community. In middle school, Marshall began playing the violin and upon entering Academic Magnet High School, began playing the bass guitar where he became a brief member of a local band that performed in the Tri-State area. Upon graduating high school, Ckay1 enrolled at Florida A&M University to study Political Science with the goal of attending law school and ultimately practicing corporate law. However, fate had a different plan for him. During his senior year in college, Ckay1 decided that he could no longer ignore his hearts calling and decided to take the leap. It was then or never. He deferred his law school acceptance and plunged soul first into his first love…music.


[sdropcap]W[/sdropcap] hile in Tallahassee, Florida, Ckay1 produced music for a wide variety of local and independent artists including, but not limited to “Thrill Da Playa” of the 69 Boyz. He was known for his gift of melody composition and his unique approach to song structure. He would spend countless sleepless nights perfecting his craft and honing his talent. Large scale recognition didn’t appear until his independent release of the “Gold Album” (a mashup album created by merging an  a cappella version of rapper Jay-Z’s The Black Album with his own instrumentals ) that he garnered the attention of Shawn Jay and Smoke of Field Mob, of whom had recently signed a deal with DTP Records/Geffen Records. Their relationship led to his first major released production credit with “Area Code 229”  with the 2006 release of Light Poles and Pine Trees. This release would go on to reach #7 on the US Billboard 200 and #2 on the list of  Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums. Ckay1 would go on to secure his  second major album placement in 2010 with the production of “So Cold”  for the lsland Records signed group Encore. As of 2008, he currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. He is currently represented by the firm Mark Music & Media Law located in Beverly Hills, CA. Ckay1 is also the owner of N.O.T.E Productions, L.L.C, a full service music production company serving the music and film industries. For Ckay1, the sky’s the limit and the stars are his destination.